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Revitalizing PropertyA little research and data, combined with a solid plan of action, can turn an ailing property into a cash flowing asset.
Here are three tips to help you succeed.

Step 1:  Why is the property not succeeding?

Things that should be considered in this analysis are the condition of the property, the condition of the surrounding properties and submarket, and demographic trends in the area.  Does the property have physical or functional obsolescence issues that make it less than desirable for today’s businesses?  Has the property not been maintained well compared to surrounding properties? 

commercialCurrent market conditions, including lower interest rates, have created an attractive environment for small business owners to shift from leasing to buying their workspace. Business owners opt for owning instead of renting for a variety of reasons, including tax benefits, increased control and security over the location of the business enterprise, expense management, building credit and asset value, and pride of ownership.

If you are a business owner interested in purchasing real estate for your operations, consider these solid suggestions.

Green BusinessHaving a “green” business doesn’t necessarily mean building a state-of-the-art facility that has its own recycling center. There are simple, affordable steps you can take to make your business more eco-friendly, even if you rent your office space.

Change your office habits

Installing a bike rack or offering bus passes to your employees promote alternatives to driving to work. Recycle paper, plastics, toner containers and batteries.  Instead of disposable break room supplies, invest in washable dishes, glasses, coffee cups, etc.  Instead of offering bottled water, install a UV type water filtration device in your break room and encourage the use of water bottles and glasses.

avoid workplace accidentsEach year, more than 2 million Americans are injured so severely at work that they are unable to return to their jobs for extended periods of time, if at all. Some of these accidents are unavoidable, but many can be prevented.

We've compiled a few simple steps to reduce or eliminate accidents in your workplace.

Eliminate distractions and shortcuts

We are all incredibly busy these days, and multitasking can often result in distractions that create safety hazards. Distracted driving, not focusing on the task at hand, and rushing can all create opportunities for accidents and injuries. Make sure your company has a vehicle policy that addresses distracting driving, and consider providing affected employees with Bluetooth devices to assist in mitigating this risk. Encourage employees to execute their responsibilities with care and caution at all times.

Money and Real EstateAt least 30 billionaires in the United States made their money from real estate. Here are some tips to help you build an income from real estate.

Determine your goals

Are you investing in real estate as a way to supplement income, now or in retirement? Do you see your real estate income as a way to replace the traditional income source of full time employment? Will you want to be a hands on investor or a passive investor? Will there be partners involved in your investments or do you envision a solo investment strategy? Do you prefer to develop or purchase existing property, or are you open to both?

750 DRK and Company is now proudly leasing 750 and 760 Communications Parkway to Greater Columbus-area businesses.

“The properties at 750 and 760 Communications Parkway are professional, two-story, Class A brick-faced office building with glass accents,” explains Jim Bain, the DRK commercial real estate agent offering the listing.

There are first floor suites available at both properties, and the 2nd floor of 750 Communications is also available for lease.  The 760 property also offers a private annex space, fully finished and ready for occupancy.  A generous buildout allowance is available for tenants to use towards construction in the unfinished spaces that are available.

The buildings were constructed in 1984 and were fully renovated in 2016, inside and out, and features high-end finishes and new mechanicals, stone columns and walkways, and grand lighting as well as a beautiful water feature and outdoor patio areas with ample on-site, free parking.

Both properties benefit from furnished two-story lobbies with wood flooring and accents, digital reception service, a Starbucks coffee bar, ample natural light through large windows, passenger elevators, and an open staircase.  The 760 property offers common area restrooms while the 750 property offers private in-suite restrooms.