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Tenant RepWhether you're a new entrepreneur looking for your first office space or a seasoned executive looking to expand your growing company, it's always in your best interest to use a tenant representative when searching for commercial real estate and negotiating the terms of your lease.

Tenant Reps work with commercial buyers just like a buyer's agent in a residential transaction. If you're considering going it alone for your next commercial lease, here are the top 3 reasons why you need to get a broker ASAP:

  1. Market Expert
    Finding commercial property is only part of what a tenant rep can do for you. Knowing which deals are good – and which aren't – is also an important part of the process. Tenant brokers are market experts, and they have a good sense of fair-market pricing. They also know which lease varieties are common in the area and can advise whether or not a proposed offer is reasonable.

    2. Negotiating Expert
    Often, commercial real estate negotiations are long and complicated. They usually involve both business and legal points. Plus, the multiple business terms in your proposed lease might make it hard to track the deal and tell if you're coming out ahead or behind. Tenant representatives make a career out of skilled negotiations and manage the leasing process for you.
    Tenant Reps also send RFPs to landlords/owners requesting amenities, terms, conditions, allowances, etc. on your behalf.

    3. Process Expert
    Tenant representatives are not only market and negotiating experts, they are skilled in managing the entire leasing process across multiple disciplines, including architecture, real estate law, and financial analysis. Your tenant rep has knowledge in these areas and the best connections to local experts who can assist with your transaction. Tenant reps also coordinate and manage the team of professionals involved in the leasing process.

At DRK and Company, our skilled tenant representatives will take the time to understand your goals, how you'll utilize your new office space, and how your new real estate fits into your overall business objectives. Our consultants negotiate lease terms for you and pride themselves on sound business management.

Find out how a DRK tenant rep can help you expand your business. Contact an agent today at 614.540.2404.