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DRK Mainteance winterMild temperatures make fall the perfect time of year to conduct a thorough review of your commercial property. A few preventative maintenance steps can help you avoid unexpected repair costs that might become a bigger emergency in extreme winter weather.

Here are 5 easy steps to prepare your commercial building for winter:

1. Fully inspect the roof.
Your roof provides unparalleled protection to many of your systems and building infrastructure. Even small leaks can turn into major, costly issues if not promptly addressed. Ensure a professional roofer carefully inspects exposed surfaces and drainage systems, particularly if it's been a while since routine maintenance was last performed.

2. Check the HVAC.
Ensure all your freeze protection systems are reliably and properly powered. Valves are often affected by the extreme heat of the Columbus summers, which can result in faulty operations and leaks when winter sets in. Go through each heated and chilled water system to pinpoint small problems before they become big ones.

3. Maintain the mechanical and plumbing systems.
Ensure freeze stats are set at correct temperatures and heating systems are properly operating. Have leaky valves, damaged actuators and linkages repaired. While tedious, an routine audit helps you locate and correct problems before an emergency occurs.

4. Inspect the insulation.
Even small breaches in insulation can lead to big problems, like high operating costs. Review each insulated system for damage or missing protection, and make necessary repairs. Consider the climate and exposure to the elements when determining the best level of insulation for your commercial property.

5. Don't set it and forget it!
Monitor how your commercial building responds to season changes over time. Consistent data collection enables you to identify when systems don't operate as intended. In winter months, for instance, your HVAC system might labor to bring the building to a comfortable temperature.

To minimize energy consumption, adjust the set-back temperature or identify over-performing heating elements.

Don't know where to start? DRK and Company in Columbus, OH, offers facility maintenance services to keep things running smoothly in your commercial property. We have been serving Columbus for more than 40 years with commercial property management. Preserve and improve the value of your real estate investment by contacting DRK and Company today at 614.540.2404.