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Christine, Holly, and Clarissa from DRKThe consensus is in: Columbus is still on the rise. DRK property managers Clarissa Dean, Christine Sweat, and Holly Ring give you the scoop on what to expect going into 2020.

What Kind Of Growth Do You See For The Columbus Market In 2020?

Clarissa: “Columbus and the Central Ohio region regularly make the top lists for fastest-growing cities. Columbus will continue to take steps to accommodate that continued growth.”

Christine: “I expect the development efforts in downtown Columbus to continue to bleed into neighboring suburban markets. Columbus continues to expand, but people still want the small community feel with downtown amenities nearby.”


What Kind Of Economic Influences Can We Expect For 2020?

Holly: “Central Ohio has strong population growth compared to other metro areas in Ohio. The unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 3.8%. While these factors occur outside of our industry, they heavily influence the value of investments in the future.”

Clarissa: “Columbus is a critical hub, supporting global corporations like JP Morgan Chase and Nationwide Insurance. Pair these corporations with a sustainable supply of bright, diverse, and creative graduates from The Ohio State University, and Columbus will continue to drive economic growth.”

What Do You Love The Most About Columbus?

Christine: “The market is ever-evolving and doesn’t remain stagnant. People invest in the communities they live in, from the Short North to Uptown Westerville and New Bridge Park areas.”

Holly: “I love the diversity, growth, and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Clarissa: “The massive growth in the city fuels my passion for the real estate industry. Getting to work with different tenants and vendors allows me to network with diverse groups. This makes living and participating in the communities exciting.”

What Do You Love About DRK?

Clarissa: “My team is high energy and brings different ideas to collaborate on any issue. My Director pushes us to expand our thinking, which translates into the first-class experience we provide our clients.”

Christine: “I love the team’s synergy. We all jump in to support each other and celebrate the wins. I know that if I’m unavailable, my team will show up and support me to get the job done.”

Holly: “My absolute favorite thing about DRK is my team. I love the different perspectives everyone brings to the table and how each day is different. It keeps you on your toes and teaches you to think outside of the box.”

Learn more about our property management team and how DRK can help you get the most from your investments in 2020, call 614-540-2404 or contact us online.