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Grow Your Business DRKWhen it's time to expand your small business, many factors come into play. In addition to looking for the right property, it's also a good time to consider the following recommendations from the U.S. Small Business Administration. These tips that are designed to help you "leverage your experiences and grow the appeal of your brand—without breaking the bank."

You are your business
A personal touch is the hallmark of small businesses. An actively engaged owner—who is known to customers—will improve their experience and keep the business headed in the right direction.

Earn customer loyalty
Reliability is priceless. Making claims and promises you can keep is essential to building a customer base. Value is easier to perceive when false expectations don't get in the way.

Logo and name
Your business name and logo are early and important decisions. Changing them later can be far more expensive. Both should be meaningful, memorable, and on topic.

Go beyond a logo and window dressing when thinking about branding. Your brand also includes how you do business. It's important that you communicate these essentials in your marketing and social media.

This is your opportunity to make your business stand out from the competition. And sometimes looking at the competition is the best way to analyze what you do better and what you can improve.

Reach out
Do you feel part of your community? Whether you are an established business or moving into a new location, it's important to engage with your community through events and local organizations. You can also reach out online, connecting with a virtual community of shared interests and needs.

Share your passion
Your love of the business and your brand is the best sales pitch. When you share your story and why you chose to sell a product or provide a service, customers will want to share in your enthusiasm.

American admire small business owners and the special contributions they make to our country. Best wishes and bravo!