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How to make a DRK dealLike many real estate dwellings, commercial property success starts with a foolproof blueprint. Follow these 6 tips to strike a hot commercial real estate investment deal:

1. Think like a professional
To be a commercial real estate player, think like an insider. Know that commercial property is priced differently than residential houses. You'll also see a bigger cash return with commercial property. For instance, you'll earn more income on multifamily houses than single-family dwellings. Finally, have plenty of cash in hand –lenders like to see at least 30% down before green-lighting a commercial property loan.

2. Formulate a plan of action
Set realistic parameters to score a commercial real estate investment deal. Ask yourself questions like: How much can I afford to pay? Who are the key players? How much rental space do I need to fill? How much do I expect to net on the deal? And make sure you have a safe exit strategy – the best deals are those you can walk away from.

3. Recognize great deals
The best real estate professionals know a hot investment deal when they see one. How can you do it? Adopt a sharp, landowner's eye – look for damage that needs immediate repair, assess risk, and ensure the property meets your financial needs.

4. Look for motivated sellers
Customers drive any business, including real estate. Find sellers who are eager to sell below market value. A great real estate deal is powered by a motivated seller, so find someone willing to negotiate.

5. Practice neighborhood farming
Evaluate commercial real estate property by studying the neighborhood it's in. Attend open houses, look for vacancies, and talk with the neighbors.

6. Use a "trifecta" approach to evaluate properties
To find great deals, be adaptable. Use the Internet, read the classifieds, and hire agents to find the best investment opportunities.