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DRK Choose BrickLocation, location, location – one of the biggest questions you'll need to answer with any new business is where you will locate it. Will you work from home, or set up a commercial space?

A home-based business certainly has some advantages. For instance, your commute and rent costs are nonexistent. But, you'll also sacrifice valuable business opportunities, like "walk-in" customers, brand development and community outreach. There comes a time in every small business or startup when working out of a home office becomes more of a hindrance to growth than a cost-savings measure.

Consider these top 5 reasons to choose a brick and mortar location for your new business.

1. Room to Grow
Avoid growing pains by investing in more space than you have at home. This gives your business room to expand when the time comes.

2. Professional Relationships
Many business analysts believe that a brick and mortar location offers a more professional and credible feel.

3. Room for Employees
When your business expands, you'll need a larger workforce. A commercial building will give you room for your new team members and provide everyone with enough private space to be productive.

4. More Energy
When you hire more employees – or even work out of a shared workspace – you'll have more people around to fuel your creativity. Sometimes, just being around and talking with others can spark a great new idea.

5. More Focus
Leave your home concerns where they belong – at home. When you leave the house to go to your office, you'll have more time and energy to focus on your workday and foster your business development.

Only you can determine what work environment is the most beneficial to your business, and where your work-life balance will be ideal.

When you decide it's time to expand out of your home, DRK and Company can help. We're your commercial real estate specialists in the Westerville, OH, community. Contact an agent today at 614.540.2404 to find the right brick and mortar location for your business.