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The working-from-home craze caused some real estate investors to quake in their boots and shy away from leasing commercial office space.

But we can ease your fears.

While the use of office space may look a little different, the demand will remain because so many people need a designated place to be productive.

Offices are Good for Collaboration

One of the lessons we learned from the pandemic is that face-to-face interactions are essential for spontaneous brainstorming. People need offices so they can interact, get perspective, share ideas and make game plans.

Commercial office space provides professionals with convenient and immediate access to their coworkers with whom they can easily share “light bulb” moments. Walking across a room is a lot more efficient than scheduling a phone or video call while working remotely.

Office Spaces Support Training

Imagine starting at a new job but being forced to conduct all your training from home. It would be hard to get a sense of your work atmosphere and the company culture. Commercial tenants need office space to cultivate a training groundImage of people with papers and laptops working around a table. for new employees.

A physical space provides a setting for mentorship where new hires can learn more about their colleagues and company. Working in an office can also improve communication practices, which creates an open dynamic among team members.

The Personal Side of the Demand

For some, a commercial office space provides much-needed relief from at-home distractions. Children, pets and other disruptions can deter even the most laser-focused individual, and having a separate workplace allows employees to differentiate their work and home lives.

Another reason collective workspaces won’t go away: humans are social creatures. We like chatting across desks, meeting up in the hallway or having drinks after work. We need those everyday interactions to feel connected, build communities and even take the edge off a stressful day.

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