Being a leader means ensuring that your business – and your employees – are prepared to weather any storms that might come.

Resilience is a crucial aspect to running a successful workplace. It’s far more than simply standing strong against heavy workloads and juggling responsibilities; it’s a strategic advantage that bolsters productivity, happiness, and even mental health.

3 Crucial Leadership Tips

Here are three ways resilience can help you build a better business.

Prioritize Communication

Creating resiliency begins with focusing on the well-being of your employees. In addition to larger team/business meetings once a month or quarter, take the time to meet with each employee one-on-one every week. Ask them about how the week went, what they accomplished, and if they need help with anything.

Individual meetings go a long way toward building an authentic relationship with each employee. By showing genuine care and empathy, leaders show their team that they’re valued as human beings, and not just cogs in an ever-moving wheel. This in turn creates confidence, understanding, and, over time, resiliency.

Create a Fun Environment

When people work in places they want to work, productivity and overall happiness skyrocket. By creating an environment that fosters both well-being and efficiency, your employees will build a sense of community, respect, and pride in what they do and where they do it.

3 Crucial Leadership Tips

Environmental focus covers many aspects of a business, including design, space, and culture. Make each workspace a comfortable and inviting place for your employees to settle in and do their jobs. Set aside certain spaces for specific tasks, and use that space in creative ways through design, color, and even furniture choice.

Fostering a workplace culture that celebrates both hard work and camaraderie is a proven method for building strong businesses. Setting aside certain days or times for special events – like a company trip or a food truck visit – will strengthen the bonds between employees, and that unity will carry over into the overall resilience of your business.

Focus on Personal Health

Building resiliency for your employees and their space is important, but so is making sure your own resiliency is retained and improved. As a leader, your strength and confidence serve as inspiration to your team. To maintain those traits, it’s critical to be mindful of your health and happiness.

Studies have shown that people are 3.5 times more likely to be resilient when their physical and mental health are strong. Aside from a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, finding time to relax outside of work can dramatically improve your performance in the office. Take time to relax with family, unwind with a hobby like cooking or reading, or try meditation. A clear head boosts confidence, and when you’re confident, your team will rally behind you.

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