Commercial Real Estate News

To rent, or to buy? That’s the eternal question.

Deciding whether to rent your new office space or purchase it outright is one of the biggest questions any business owner will need to answer. Leasing a business premises comes with both benefits and drawbacks, and understanding both lists will go a long way toward helping you make an informed decision.

Rental properties make for great investments if you know how to play the game.

It’s a game that requires knowing the ins and outs of property management, mortgages, land value, area economics and much more. Investing in rental properties might be lucrative (especially in the current market), but knowing the benefits, the risks and the strategies involved in those investments will help you prepare for any bumps in the road.

Property management doesn’t have to be a road you walk alone.

After all, keeping up with the demands of your business is time-consuming enough. Partnering with a property management company is a great way to ensure that your real estate is maintained by professionals, from repairs and tenant management to storage and accounting.

Investing comes with questions, and having the answers could make the difference between success and failure.

When it comes to investing in either real estate or the stock market, it’s not uncommon to dip the proverbial toe in both. However, if you’re looking to pick just one path between the two, the question becomes: which option is better? Which one will yield the most returns, and which one comes with the fewest risks? Or do both options offer an equal mix of pros and cons?

Choosing the perfect office space requires much more than good-looking buildings and ideal parking spaces.

There are lots of factors involved in finding office space to lease for your business. From size and location to knowing how – or if – the space will fit your needs is crucial to making sure your investment is worth it.

Every real estate investment journey has to start somewhere.

Jumping into the investment game can be intimidating. There are plenty of new rules to learn, procedures to master, and tips to keep in mind. You certainly couldn’t be blamed for not knowing where to start.