We ask that you email your maintenance request. This email is attended Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. If the email is not an emergency, please note that the request will likely be attended within 24-48 hours of receipt. Required information for maintenance request to be process:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Area of Concern
  • Permission to Access the Unit

Email a Maintenance Request

Emergency Maintenance Requests

The emergency number is for EMERGENCIES ONLY after hours at 614-402-1849, please leave the following information on the voicemail: Business Name, Contact Name, Phone Number, Address, and area of concern.

There are two ways to get an immediate response:

While we appreciate our property managers, they are not typically sitting at their desks. They are out facilitating property items. It is possible when sending them a personal email or calling them, you can get held up in their email. We do not want that to happen to you. We want to assure that you are directed in the proper manner immediately. By putting the maintenance request in writing, this also allows the tracking of the request to take place.

We appreciate your partnership and hope that this helps everyone.

Safety Notice: HVACS & Rain Don’t Mix!

Reasons not to go on a roof while it’s raining or storming:

  • If the rain is heavy enough, a wet ladder and flat rubber roof are immensely slippery
  • Potential for lightning

Rain tends to limit us at times to the type of diagnosis or repair we can do such as:

  • High and low voltage wiring, which don’t mix well with water and can be a danger to the technician
  • Opening panels on a RTU or condenser can allow water inside of a cabinet during the rain, leading to water inside the building’s duct work
  • Allowing water to directly get into a control compartment can damage components of a system, including control boards, motors, and air filters

We look to be your partner - Safely.


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