Communication is a key building block of relationships.

When you can communicate effectively with occupants, they’ll feel more comfortable talking with you, making it easier to collect rent, renew leases and maintain your property.

Here are nine ways you can improve communication.

9 Ways to Enhance Communication with Your Tenants

1. Maintain Professionalism, Respect, and Honesty

If you’re professional, polite, and respectful with tenants, that’s a good way to increase their respect for you.

And always be honest. Share all the details – good and bad – that renters should know about the condition of the property and amenities. Glossing over or exaggerating certain aspects is an easy way to lose trust later on.

2. Establish Preferred Communication Methods

When signing new tenants, make sure they know you’re available whenever they’ll need you and give them all your contact information. Remember to respond to all messages promptly, especially if it’s an urgent need.

And take the time to learn your occupants’ preferred method of communication, whether that’s a text message, email, phone call, or letter. Then, make sure your message fits the medium. A lengthy message is more suited for an email or letter than a text message.

3. Automate Regular Reminders

9 Ways to Enhance Communication with Your Tenants

For tenants who prefer to be contacted via phone or email, explore ways to automate regular reminders, like the due dates for rent and lease renewals. That way you save time and never risk forgetting to send those notices.

Many software solutions can help with this, like property management platforms, basic marketing and newsletter tools, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

4. Prioritize Sharing Good News

As a landlord, you’ve likely had some tough conversations with tenants. But try to have some positive conversations, too.

Share news about property improvements, like new amenities, fresh paint or flooring, parking lot updates, and building additions.

That information could make the difference in a renter renewing their lease.

5. Limit After-Hours Contact

Unless it’s an emergency or the tenant contacts you first, only reach out to them during normal business hours.

And avoid contacting them on the weekends. Occupants will appreciate you respecting their time.

6. Give a Heads-Up Before Visiting

9 Ways to Enhance Communication with Your Tenants

Be mindful of your renters’ privacy. Never stop by unannounced.

Even though you legally own the property, it’s a good idea to let them know if you, your handyman, or a contractor will be visiting.

Always give tenants plenty of notice, do your best to work around their schedule, and send them a friendly reminder the day of the appointment.

7. Document All Communication

It’s a good idea to file all texts and emails between you and your occupants. That way you have a “paper” trail to protect yourself in case something happens.

8. Offer Alternatives for Repairs

Some renters may appreciate having a handyman available for every repair. But others might enjoy taking care of small projects themselves, which saves them the hassle of scheduling every tiny fix and saves you money.

Make sure your tenants know which repairs to contact you for. Then, respond as quickly as you can.

9. Work with Your Property Management Team

Communication may not be your specialty – and that’s okay. You can hire a property manager to handle your communication with tenants. They’ll appreciate having an easy way to get help and you’ll enjoy having more time in your day for other tasks.

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