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rent relief 1We’ve heard it for months: these are uncertain times. Well, thanks for stating the obvious, so what do we do about it? You want answers, not vague commiserating statements. That’s where we come in with DRK and Company’s quick guide to rent relief.

office of employees sharing long deskContrary to Baby Boomer beliefs, millennials are a hard generation to define. They range in age from late teens to mid-thirties. They come into the real estate market with more debt and education than their parents had at their age, but less buying power. So, how is a generation that lives at home longer, marries later, and prefers to rent turning the commercial real estate market on its head?

One word: WiFi.

Millennials are looking for a one-stop-shop to live, work, and play in that can accommodate their hefty connectivity demands.

Startup Community

Columbus is home to a host of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, but it’s also an oasis of countless startups. So how is one of the capitals of the Midwest competing with juggernauts like New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta?

industrial real estateWe all know the saying: new year, new me. It seems the industrial real estate market is also looking to make a few changes going into the new decade. The driving forces behind industrial real estate purchases have shifted more toward the consumer.

Investors used to focus on manufacturing, business cycles, and heavy infrastructure. Now, consumers, population, flexible configurations, and location lead the pack.

COVID-19 Travel RestrictionsIt’s not so much the virus itself, but the fear COVID-19 instills in the general population that may lead to a significant disruption in the previous upward trend in commercial real estate. And just as it’s nearly impossible to predict the full ramifications of coronavirus, it’s equally hard to predict what will happen to commercial real estate.

Christine, Holly, and Clarissa from DRKThe consensus is in: Columbus is still on the rise. DRK property managers Clarissa Dean, Christine Sweat, and Holly Ring give you the scoop on what to expect going into 2020.