Types of Commercial Property for Sale or Lease

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice looking into commercial property sales or leases, finding the right investment means understanding the world of commercial real estate. DRK and Company employs expert realtors and investment consultants with extensive commercial real estate experience who will narrow your search and develop your real estate portfolio.

Class A Commercial Properties

The team at DRK and Company focuses on Class A commercial real estate. Investing in Class A properties gives you access to a wealth of long-term, big-name tenants who provide stability and longevity to office, industrial and retail investments.

Class A properties are categorized as top-tier commercial real estate and are based on the quality of the building and its amenities, location, affordability, and workability. A Class A commercial property features high-quality finishes, state-of-the-art security and technology systems, and accessibility.

Office Real Estate

Commercial office space can be multi-tenant and single-tenant properties. Office real estate is broken down into two categories: urban and suburban.

Urban office spaces are usually located in metropolitan areas and include high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Suburban office buildings are smaller than their urban counterparts and may be grouped in office parks or stand-alone buildings.

Types of commercial office real estate include central business districts, commercially zoned homes, and medical offices.

Industrial Real Estate

Similar to office spaces, industrial real estate ranges in size and use. The demand for warehouse space and distribution centers makes industrial real estate an attractive investment. The flexible nature of industrial real estate makes it a reliable investment opportunity with a lower cost of entry.

Industrial commercial real estate includes bulk warehouses, flex industrial, heavy manufacturing, and light assembly.

Flexible Real Estate

This type of commercial real estate can be adapted for different tenants and property uses. Flex commercial real estate often mixes industrial and office spaces and can be built out to accommodate regional distribution centers. Flex real estate has increased in popularity among investors due to its adaptability and multi-use capabilities.

Retail Real Estate

Commercial retail properties include outlet malls, big-box centers, independent retailers, strip malls and restaurants. Investing in retail space is largely based on location because retailers require convenient access to consumers.

Multi-tenant retail spaces provide a stable source of traffic, which means you’ll receive income from several sources instead of relying on a single shop or store. Most tenants also sign long-term leases, which provide you with returns for an extended time.

The team at DRK and Company can address your unique commercial real estate needs. We offer services including commercial property management, investment, and real estate development. Call 614-540-2404 for more information.

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