To-do lists are easier to chip away at when you have a little help.

Property management can quickly turn into a juggling act. Between your day-to-day overseeing of properties and building your tenant relationships, finding time to address every maintenance issue on your plate can be a tall order.

This is where a commercial property maintenance team can come in handy. The right crew of experienced experts can help you preserve the value of your property while keeping your tenants happy, safe and confident in your abilities as a landlord.

Here are the biggest benefits of property maintenance services.


A Maintained Brand Image

You never get a second chance at a first impression, and what a prospective tenant sees when they look at your property will make a huge impact on their leasing decisions. If they see a property in serious need of upkeep, it’s unlikely they’ll trust you to meet their needs. A lack of maintenance will also hurt your overall brand image and create the impression that you don’t care enough about your property to keep it clean and in good working order.

A property maintenance team can remove that risk from the table. They can take over landscaping duties to ensure a tidy and well-kept lawn, and they can tend to issues with building exteriors, parking lots, signage and more. When your property is maintained, your brand gets an image boost, too.


Property Value Preservation

Keeping a well-maintained property is about more than curb appeal. It also keeps your value preserved. If your property falls into disrepair, it will become less valuable, which will lead to issues retaining tenants, attracting new ones, and finding buyers if you choose to sell your property.

With the right maintenance team at your side, your property can not only retain its value, but also accrue more of it over time. If enough improvements and renovations are made, you might end up creating higher-value valuable property in the process.


Cost Savings

Keeping a tidy property takes both time and money. From the hours spent on upkeep to the specialized equipment and expertise needed to make repairs, property maintenance can easily result in big bills and extended down time.

Bringing on an experienced property maintenance crew can save you both time and cash. Not only are maintenance teams fast, but they come fully equipped with the tools and tech needed to trim your lawns, repair your buildings and otherwise keep your real estate in tip-top shape.


Positive Tenant Experiences

It goes without saying that tenants prefer operating out of well-kept properties. The better maintained your property, the more likely high-quality tenants will be to move in, stay and spread the positive word. By demonstrating a commitment to property upkeep, you’ll prove to your clients that their investment into your real estate was worth it. This in turn keeps your vacancies lower and your income higher.


Tenant and Building Safety

A maintained property isn’t just an esthetically pleasing money-saver. It’s also a safer place for your tenants to set up shop. A commercial property maintenance team can clean rot-causing mold from your building, address structural issues before they cause harm, ensure that windows and doorways are properly sealed to keep the elements outside, and repair parking areas to keep them free of cracks and debris.


Key Takeaways

Partnering with a commercial property maintenance team will deliver huge benefits to you and your real estate venture. A well-groomed building will attract high-quality occupants and preserve the strength of your brand image. Those tenants will be more likely to stay if they feel safe, well cared for, and confident in having invested in your property. A maintenance crew will also save you time and money on big fixes, and will keep your property valuable for years to come.

Ready to bring on an experienced team of property maintenance experts? The crew at DRK can answer your questions and provide guidance to ensure that your real estate looks and functions at its best.

Learn more about how we can help you manage your property maintenance by clicking here, and if you’re on the hunt for new property, take a look at the available real estate in the Columbus, Ohio, area right here.

Until next time,

Jaimine L Johnson SM CIRCLE

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