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Empty lotInvestors have been trying to get back on their feet from the massive hit they took thanks to COVID-19. And it seems new opportunity zone regulations may be just what the doctor ordered.

image of lease agreementYou could cut the rising tension between commercial tenants and landlords with a knife. Tenants are finding the struggle to pay rent has continued into May with a perplexity that can only be attributed to these unprecedented times. Landlords are also left scratching their heads about how to breach the subject.

E-CommerceThe wildfire nature of COVID-19 has permeated every walk of life from working conditions to shopping habits. And industrial growth is no different as e-commerce giants continue to hunt for more warehouse and logistics space.

debt relief graphicWe’ve heard it for months: these are uncertain times. Well, thanks for stating the obvious, so what do we do about it? You want answers, not vague commiserating statements. That’s where we come in with DRK and Company’s quick guide to rent relief.

Road work ahead signThe City of Columbus, the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission are collaborating to improve the intersection of Polaris Parkway and Orion Place.

Startup Community

Columbus is home to a host of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, but it’s also an oasis of countless startups. So how is one of the capitals of the Midwest competing with juggernauts like New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta?