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One needn’t look too hard to find an overwhelming number of reasons why starting a company in Columbus makes outstanding business sense.

Boasting a potent mix of an affordable cost of living, a diverse industry base and the eighth-highest concentration of millennials in the U.S., Columbus is thriving in many respects. The 11-county metropolitan area’s population grew at a rate of 1.6 percent from 2016 to 2017, surpassing the Cleveland-Akron region as the second-largest metropolitan area in the state.

Given these reasons, it’s not hard to see why lists Columbus as a Top 10 city for entrepreneurs and start-ups and why Money lists it as the “Best in the Midwest” destination.

Whether or not you have plans to sell your business in the future, there are a number of strategies you can employ to maximize its value and improve its financial standing.

Here are five ways to help your business stand out from the crowd and make it more valuable, regardless of the economic climate.

Strong Management Team

A great business model should include a high-quality management team. Companies without multiple people capable of making important decisions are less likely to reach their potential and be able to react quickly to changes in the market brought on by a number of factors. Ensure your company can run efficiently without your daily involvement by having quality next-level managers.

DRK and Company Realty is now proudly offering 71 Brice Road North for lease or sale to Greater Columbus-area businesses.

Situated on 2.95 acres, this industrial warehouse building includes 1,500 square feet of finished office space and 19,200 sf of warehouse space. The structure is on a secured, fenced lot and offers M-1 zoning.

Built in 2003, the property contains two docks and one drive-in door, and a dry pipe sprinkler system.  Column spacing of 25’ x 40’ and a clear height of 20’ make the property ideal for a variety of uses.  The office area is fully conditioned, and the warehouse area has unit heaters and exhaust fans.  In addition to the loading areas, the building includes 17 parking spaces.

With the recent stock market uncertainty, more investors may want to consider commercial real estate (CRE) markets.

These real estate investments can diversify an investor’s portfolio, offering a safer option than the volatile equities market and the low returns from bank deposits. Within the CRE market, investors must decide between two options: equity or debt.

Equity investments can involve buying stock in companies that specialize in CRE, buying a property outright or utilizing mutual funds and ETFs. The risk-return profile can vary widely in equity investments.

Private debt can be a safer and potentially more lucrative way to enter the CRE market. Backed by physical property as collateral, CRE debt provides a safety net of assets in the small risk of a default.

Here are some reasons commercial real estate makes sense:

If you’re getting started in the commercial real estate world, you should first familiarize yourself with some basic terms.

Recognizing and understanding these terms in conversations and documents will make you more comfortable as you begin your career in commercial real estate.

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, Columbus is one of the most attractive second tier markets in the country for a number of reasons.

Our economy is incredibly diverse in Columbus. We have many segments represented, including government, education, R&D, finance, services, manufacturing, and transportation/logistics to name just a few. On top of that, businesses are expanding. Home prices and sales are rising, and the population continues to grow in the largest city in Ohio and 14th largest in the U.S. Additionally, pricing of commercial real estate assets in a highly desirable, second tier national market like Columbus is much more reasonable than a tier one market like NYC, LA, or Chicago, so an investor’s dollar will go much further.

Here are some other reasons Columbus makes perfect sense for your next commercial real estate investment.