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industrial real estateWe all know the saying: new year, new me. It seems the industrial real estate market is also looking to make a few changes going into the new decade. The driving forces behind industrial real estate purchases have shifted more toward the consumer.

Investors used to focus on manufacturing, business cycles, and heavy infrastructure. Now, consumers, population, flexible configurations, and location lead the pack.

EB 5 blog 250x166Change can be hard, especially if it’s putting the squeeze on your finances – and the Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5) has been tightening its grip since November with a new set of regulations.

Breaking New Ground

The new EB-5 regulations are the first alterations to the program since its inception in 1990, and the bar is set higher than ever before. The regulations were established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and raise the minimum required monetary commitment in commercial real estate for foreign investors.

Christine, Holly, and Clarissa from DRKThe consensus is in: Columbus is still on the rise. DRK property managers Clarissa Dean, Christine Sweat, and Holly Ring give you the scoop on what to expect going into 2020.

Economic Growth Columbus is currently a buzzing hive of economic growth as the city continues its upward trend, making record-breaking advances.

The unemployment rate reached its lowest point for the first time in nearly two decades this past June at 3.3%. To add to that economic feat, the city’s unemployment rate has consistently dropped since 2011 and stayed under 4% for the last two years.

Two sectors, in particular, seem to be drawing people like moths

main imageCommercial real estate came out swinging in the second half of 2019, surprising many who anticipated the year would bring the end of an upward economic cycle. Last year’s price totals blew past 2018, which was a record-breaking year itself.

The unexpected growth in the latter half of 2019 came as a pleasant surprise to those waiting for the sky to fall on a 2020 recession.

DRK Women If you want something to withstand the test of time, you must work at it – especially relationships. Friendships and family ties all require dedication and attention to the idiosyncrasies that make them work. The same goes for your commercial real estate clients.

Tip 1: Own Your Relationships

Consider your current client relationships. Are you satisfied with their current status?