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Owning property isn’t as easy as it sounds – along with the inherent rewards are a number of risks.

If you make a smart purchase, it can certainly be a strong investment for a very long time. However, even smart purchases can lead to plenty of stressful responsibilities and decisions.

Prefer your property ownership to be of the headache-free variety? You’re in the right place.

DRK and Company Realty in Westerville, Ohio takes the stress out of the commercial property equation. We handle the advertising for rent, maintaining commercial properties, and protecting real estate investments. We know that good relationships with tenants, a sound reputation within the marketplace and a proactive approach with the physical space make for a solid foundation for your business.

At DRK, we offer a wide range of management services to property owners to remove the hassle from property management and strengthen the value of their investment. Our staff is skilled, experienced, trained, and professional. We currently manage more than four million square feet of commercial property for more than 15 owners, 600 tenants, and 6 commercial property associations.

That’s a lot of property, and a lot of managing. But it’s what we love.

Our dedicated commercial property managers work hard to make the property ownership process as simple as possible. They will maintain constant communication with the property owner concerning any important updates.

No matter what type of commercial property we manage, we strive to provide customized solutions that provide a memorable experience for property owners. How memorable? See what our owners and tenants are saying about us here.

As a full-service commercial property management firm, we offer our clients throughout central Ohio a variety of services, such as:

  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Capital Planning
  • Capital Project Management
  • Cost Control
  • Financial Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Management and Implementation of Service Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sustainability and Efficiency Management
  • Tenant Buildouts
  • Tenant Services and Satisfaction
  • Utilities Management

To find out more about our property managers, call Donald R. Kenney & Company Realty today at 614-540-2404 or contact us online. Jaimine Johnson, Director of Commercial Operations, will provide you with a free consultation to determine the services that will most benefit you.