It might be time to put some pep into your office’s step.

As the concept of what a “workplace” is evolves, it’s important to keep up with trends and expectations of what an office environment should provide. An upgraded, modern office design can foster employee loyalty and productivity by creating an environment your workers want to work in. And those are just a few of the benefits of a workplace facelift.

Here are six office space design trends to consider for 2023:

Interior of a modern office space with blurred business colleagues.

1) Natural Lighting & light Color Palettes

A little sunshine can go a long way, and there are plenty of benefits to allowing more natural light to shine in your office. Better lighting has been proven to increase productivity by keeping employees alert and less likely to get drowsy. Avoiding low light working environments also leads to less eyestrain and fewer headaches. It’s also been shown to improve moods and contribute to more happiness around the office.

Keeping your wall colors lighter is also a smart move. Not only do grays and whites provide a better surface for natural light to bounce off, but they also lend an air of sophistication and modern simplicity to workspaces. If you prefer a splash of color on your walls, try using an earthy green for a peaceful, natural feeling or bright orange to promote creativity.


2) Spaces That Encourage Community & Collaboration

Open workspace plans are a popular trend in modern offices. Instead of being isolated within a cubical, workers are instead seated where they can be seen and heard more easily. Removing dividers encourages team members to speak to each other and collaborate more frequently. This also extends to conference spaces; instead of closed doors and private rooms, a centralized location in your workspace can be a great place for open discussions and brainstorming meetings.

Outside of promoting interactivity, open floor plans are also a money saver. Fewer walled-in offices mean lower construction costs and time spent installing walls and electrics.


3) Increased Use of Technology and AI

Modernizing a workspace also means upgrading your tech to ensure that your employees are fully optimized for success. Make sure your wireless network is up to speed and invest in digital meeting spaces for remote workers. Extra electrical outlets around the office are a great way to give your team some flexibility in where they work in the building.

One of 2023’s biggest trends involves the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence. As it continues to improve, AI will become an indispensable tool for designers and architects looking to optimize their office spaces. AI can already analyze data on how a workspace is being used and provide suggestions for how to improve that space. If you don’t mind delegating some floor planning to a machine, bringing AI into your design process might be worth considering.


4) Lounge and Break Spaces

Taking breaks and refocusing is crucial for staying productive in the office. Smartly designed lounge and break areas will give your team the space they need to blow off some steam, relax, socialize, eat and prepare to tackle the rest of the day refreshed.

Instead of a small microwave and a corner water cooler, delegate some space for a full lounge. Provide some comfortable places to sit, a refrigerator, a TV and some games like foosball or billiards. Fill a pantry with some snacks and throw a deck of playing cards on a coffee table. This will not only give your employees a place to unwind, but also remind them that you value their needs and mental health.


5) Human-Centric Offices

A company can’t succeed without a passionate team to steer the ship. Modern offices are embracing this crucial human element by accounting for the ways employees interact, learn and work. Factors such as desk shape and placement, where and how team members sit, and each worker’s personal health can affect their productivity, passion for the job and loyalty to your business.

A human-centric office is a space that caters to the needs of every employee on a personal level. If a team member wants to sit on a yoga ball instead of an office chair, encourage them to do so. Offer the option of standing desks or personal headphones for listening to music. If they have specific physical or learning needs that will help them succeed, help them meet those needs through their workspace and available technology. The more “human” you can make your office, the more your employees will view the office as a beneficial place to be.


6) Accommodating Workplace

It takes more than job satisfaction and compatibility to retain good workers. Today, additional accommodations and concerns – including childcare and personal health – are also a key motivator for employees. Many modern offices are incorporating fitness centers and daycare spaces into their floor plans, and those added benefits could make all the difference to your team.

A dedicated exercise space will encourage physical health in your employees, and on-site childcare will provide a much-appreciated alternative to expensive schools and daycares for working parents. Keep a community “snack stash” or a vending machine in your lounge area to encourage your team to eat regularly and organize group lunches where you can relax and socialize.


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